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13 Dec

The Importance of TV Ratings in Cambodia

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TV Ratings CambodiaIn Cambodia TV Ratings have proven to be the most successful way to maximize client spending effectively in the country’s rapidly expanding television market.

When IMS Consulting Group launched in 2004 there were only seven television stations in Cambodia but as of 2015 there are now twenty TV channels reaching millions of potential viewers.

From an advertisers point of view the potential for overlap and duplication has developed into a costly nightmare come true.

Introducing Television Audience Measurement Capacities

While IMS had always used nationwide media viewership research studies to identify top ranking stations with considerable accuracy our agency began developing a proprietary TV ratings system nearly a decade ago after foreseeing potential issues with the expansion of the television market. We understood that an ever growing number of stations would require greater levels of television audience measurement capacity for us to develop client media planning with maximum efficiency.

Nationwide TV Ratings in Cambodia

By collecting viewership data from thousands of respondents each year across Cambodia IMS’s TV ratings system is able to accurately measure the effective reach and frequency of placements as well as calculate GRP’s (Gross Rating Points) and TARP’s (Target Audience Rating Points) so we can benchmark client spending against market competitors. Our data also allows us to evaluate the CPRP (Cost Per Rating Points) of different timeslots and stations to clearly see which placements will provide the best value for our clients.

TV Rating Segmentation by Target Audience

Instead of focusing solely on the top few television stations by overall popularity we instead look at what the target audience (by gender, age or geographic location) are specifically watching rather than just the general market. After all, why spend advertising dollars to reach every age group or remote provinces if your brand only focuses on under 25 year olds in Phnom Penh? By implementing TV ratings in Cambodia as part of IMS’s media planning capabilities our clients are able to dominate competitors by concentrating spending on timeslots and programs most relevant to their brands.

Turning IMS’s Research Insights into Client Savings

As an example, a primetime slot on one of the “top five” stations costs up to $400 but by applying our TV ratings data to the target audience of one client we were able to find between 30 and 65% lower Cost Per Rating Points for comparable programs on several of the “top ten” stations. This allowed us to maintain a lower budget than the main competitor while outpacing them with a higher combined reach and frequency.

If you are an active advertiser then TV ratings in Cambodia are now a necessity more than ever – if you haven’t yet implemented them into your media planning process then now is your opportunity to obtain considerable savings and spending efficiency.

For advice on allocating your media budget more effectively contact us at the following page: http://imsgroups.biz/contact/ 

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