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09 Feb

2016 Advertising Predictions for Cambodia

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2016 Advertising Predictions for CambodiaCambodia is unlike anywhere else in the world and the same can be said for its advertising market so while it is normal to look outside of the country at industry trends happening in more advanced countries we can also see that Cambodia has its own unique patterns of change taking place.

Advertising in Cambodia has continually grown with media spend increasing on an annual basis for every one of the past ten years but the question remains – what will happen next?

The following 2016 advertising predictions for Cambodia are based on a combination of research, media data and over a decade of experience that IMS Consulting Group has operating in this market:

  1. TV Continues as King

In a country whose population is 80% based in rural areas television will continue to be unrivalled as the “King of Media” especially as quality of content improves, broadcast coverage increases and the free cost of access to a large number of channels ensures that TV can keep pulling in the largest audience numbers of any medium.

  1. Print Retains Respect

The print media market has continually expanded over the past few years in terms of number of publications and total ad spend despite the advent of the digital age in Cambodia. These traditional sources of news content still inspire a greater degree of respect and confidence than low cost to entry online news outlets whose reliability is untested and occasionally proven to be inaccurate or deceptive in their representation of current events.

  1. Digital Urban Expansion

In the major urban areas (i.e. greater Phnom Penh) digital and social media will maintain their steady expansion as a core part of people’s daily lives thanks to the availability of ever cheaper 4G LTE mobile internet and lower cost smartphones. Due to Cambodia’s rural vs. urban income disparity it means that outside of Phnom Penh digital’s influence will expand at a far lesser pace.

  1. Radio Remains Provincial

With the exception of a handful of stations radio remains a very provincial medium with each province having a selection of local stations with coverage limited to their key towns and cities due to broadcast technology being severely under invested in. However, the affordability of radio advertising will guarantee its continued survival in the battle of mediums.

  1. BTL Becomes More Cluttered

The importance to businesses and brands of reaching consumers at the point of sale means that the number of billboards, shop signs, banners, outdoor displays and corporate branding materials will continue to grow leading to a more cluttered environment unless restrictions are put in place by provincial authorities.

  1. Key Market Brand Competition Grows

The fact that Cambodia has many fast growing consumer markets with double digit growth has not been lost on the many local, regional and international companies who are continuing to enter into ever crowded segments looking for their slice of the pie.

  1. Advertising Spend Increases

As brand and market competition in key segments increases so will the advertising budgets of established players and launch budgets of newer entrants as they both try to obtain the highest profiles, visibility and top of mind with the Cambodian consumer.

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