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30 Dec

Why You Should Avoid “Social Media Experts” in Cambodia

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Social Media Agency in Cambodia In his bestselling book, “The Art of Social Media” Guy Kawasaki bluntly states that anybody who calls themselves a “Social Media Expert” should be avoided at all costs. He goes on to point out that even though he has over 10,000,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks he does not consider himself as anymore an expert than anybody else since social media is such a new development.

The Art of Social Media’s Everchanging Landscape

In an age where social networks can be a hot commodity one year and completely dead the next year and with most popular networks constantly evolving, growing and changing their functionality, rules and regulations it is near impossible for any one person to claim to be an expert of even a single social media site.

Riding the Wave of Cambodia’s Internet and Social Boom

IMS Consulting Group has been active in social media advertising and content development for a number of years since the beginning of Cambodia’s internet boom back in 2011/2012. The sudden surge in Cambodia’s internet and social media users has led to a gold rush mentality of sorts with many self-proclaimed experts confusing their ability to use Facebook with the capacity to actually manage a business page and targeted advertising campaign successfully for clients with high expectations.

IMS’s Clear and Exacting Offer to our Clients

As much as IMS would like to claim to be social media gurus when meeting with customers we have to remind ourselves that with the speed of change in this industry all we can do is reliably offer three things:

  1. RESULTS: we manage over 20 pages for different clients and brands, many of which are the leader in their brand category. The advertising campaigns we run regularly reach millions of unique Cambodian Facebook users and our conversion and click-through-rates are ten to fifteen times greater than the industry average. If we don’t think we can deliver results based upon a client’s briefing then we prefer to politely decline a project than to under deliver.
  1. RATIONALE: the simple act of posting content to your page timeline or to run a basic advertising campaign is just a function of a much greater process. Without a clear understanding of the business you are promoting, the market you are competing in and the objectives of your client then it is not possible to create an effective call-to-action to back up your activities. You wouldn’t let a blind man drive your car so why would you let somebody without a clue run your brand’s social media?
  1. RECOMMENDATIONS: actually having a strategy is the best strategy when it comes to any advertising or marketing activities so the utmost importance has to be placed on the effectiveness and creativity of the recommendations being made by a “social media expert”. Again, if the strategy is to post page updates and run an advertising campaign from somebody without previous results or a clear rationale and target audience then you shouldn’t expect much return on investment.

Look for a Track Record and an Open Mind

When selecting a digital marketing or social media agency in Cambodia look for one with a proven track record, the ability to answer difficult questions and to offer solutions that can supercharge your social presence. However, if somebody refers to themselves continually as a social media expert or, even worse, a guru then it is best to see this for the red flag that it is and politely decline for the sake of your business’s online reputation.

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