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Digital & Social Media

Digital & Social Media Advertising Agency in Cambodia

IMS Consulting Group launched some of Cambodia’s earliest digital, interactive anDigital & Social Media Advertising Agency in Cambodia - Poldanmigd social media advertising campaigns for our clients and has significant experience in this field.

IMS realizes that we no longer live in a world where digital campaigns are part of our client’s advertising requirements but that we live in a digital world where it is our advertising campaigns that must exist in a digitally connected world.

This is why we aim to create campaigns that can build on synergies between traditional, digital and social media environments to provide a level of interactivity that benefit all aspects of our advertising

When it comes to social media in Cambodia Facebook is the foremost platform not only for advertising but also for daily living, connecting and socializing which is why we have a dedicated team for developing highly targeted campaigns that mix native content, advertising and user generated content to build successful offerings for our clients.Anchor Beer Facebook Content - Digital & Social Media Agency Cambodia

We currently manage over 20 Facebook pages for different clients and brands, many of which are the leading page in their brand category including beverage, banking/financial and OTC pharma. The advertising campaigns we run regularly reach millions of unique Cambodian Facebook users and our conversion and click-through-rates are ten to fifteen times greater than the industry average.

IMS also provides fully integrated campaigns and branding across multiple platforms with website, microsites, Facebook apps, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn all part of our servicing capacities.