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24 Jan

The Power of Public Relations – Utilizing a PR Agency in Cambodia

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PR Agency in Cambodia - Public RelationsPublic Relations has a lot of power in Cambodia, when used transparently and in the right hands such as a PR agency.

Any company or brand with a sizeable marketing budget should also have an equivalent allocation of resources to their public relations efforts.

Agency of Record Remit and Alignment

Since most brands in this country align with one agency for all their advertising needs it should make perfect sense to require their agency to provide significant levels of PR support yet many companies neither provide a remit to either their agencies of record nor do their agencies have the capacity to offer it.

Yet it doesn’t make much sense to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting your brand via advertising without having any plan of depth for handling your public relations proactively.

Understanding and Navigating Cambodia’s Media Landscape

As of 2016 there are over 200 active media sources in the country including 20 TV channels, 20+ newspapers, 30+ magazines, 100 radio stations and 25+ top online news and entertainment websites – each one has the potential to add to or destroy your brand’s value with a single untruthful or distorted news story.

This is why at IMS Consulting Group we provide a fully integrated public relations role as part of our standard agency servicing remit.

In our minds it is too risky for any brand to not have in place functions to protect their brand’s reputation in the event of an unexpected editorial onslaught. It makes more sense to have plans to support your brand with a dedicated PR team that can be called upon in times of urgent need.

PR Editorial Tracking plus 365 Media Monitoring

In order to do this you need a team actively monitoring the PR and editorial coverage garnered by your brand and industry in the media – this is what IMS offers to clients on an ongoing basis because PR is not just about promoting your latest brand update but, far more importantly, protecting your brand’s reputation by understanding the relationship between your industry and the media environment.

With IMS’s PR brand management servicing we have been able to maintain our client’s brand images by identifying cases where incorrect information has been reported or sensationalized in the media and then providing each source with the real facts in order for them to report their stories on a factual and reasonable basis.

Brand Reputation Management with Preemptive Relations Development

We have a team of 15 Media Monitoring Executives whose job is to review all news media in Cambodia and report back to our clients whenever their brands receive coverage (be it positive or negative). By doing this we are able to provide peace of mind to clients that they don’t have to worry about keeping up with 200 media sources since this role is already handled by IMS.

Utilizing a public relations agency in Cambodia is as much about taking preventative actions than simply arranging a positive press release. While earned media coverage remains an important aspect of any agency’s PR function as far as your brand goes you need to find an agency capable of taking proactive measures to ensure your reputation remains fully protected.

For advice on protecting your brand in Cambodia more effectively contact us at the following page: http://imsgroups.biz/contact/ 

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