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19 Dec

Selecting a Media Agency in Cambodia

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Media Agency in CambodiaWhen it comes to selecting a media agency in Cambodia we have identified five factors of significance that clients should consider before making commitments with their media budget:

1. Size Matters

To be effective in the Cambodian media market an agency must be able to demonstrate they have achieved a high level of scale for existing clients as well as having an organization genuinely capable of meeting all your media requirements. For example, IMS Consulting Group has over a decade of experience handling market leading brands in FMCG, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages, OTC Pharma, Banking & Finance, Telecom, Automotive and many other segments in Cambodia. We are able to offer clear evidence of how our agency has been able to develop support for brand growth in a rapidly expanding consumer market while being able to continually maintain the highest levels of servicing. On numerous occasions IMS has built up client media spending from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand per month by providing effective media planning and scaling our agency to meet the needs of a fast growing client.

2. Media Buying Power in the Market

One of the main advantages of using a media agency in Cambodia is to consolidate and achieve cost savings on your media buying therefore you need to select an agency with a track record of media buying power. There are many fly-by-night operators in the Cambodian market so it is imperative to know the agency you are spending with is actually capable of delivering what is promised. IMS actively works with over 200+ media sources in Cambodia covering television, radio, newspapers, magazines, OOH, news and entertainment websites and social media. We have a media network spanning all major broadcasters and publishers with whom we have cultivated strong relationships not only for media placement but also for PR and news editorial support. IMS’s media buying power in the market is such that for some media sources we account for up to twenty percent of their media volume – this is the kind of leverage you want to see in a media agency.

3. Effective Media Evaluation Tools

Size and buying power are important but can be functionally useless unless coupled with effective Media Evaluation Tools. This is why IMS invests significantly in our Target Audience Measurement capacity with a dedicated Research Team that provides a wide ranging set of market research capabilities including nationwide Media Viewership Research, a proprietary Television Ratings System, Consumer Insight Market Research and a state-of-the-art Digital Media Monitoring database which records all advertising spend made on television and the print media in Cambodia as well as track all our client’s media bookings. With these tools not only can we measure the effectiveness and efficiency of media channel placement by key demographics across the country but IMS also guarantees that every dollar spent with our agency can be accounted for – literally every media placement booked with IMS is guaranteed to be broadcast by the media as planned or to be automatically compensated in the same position and timeslot as originally agreed.

4. Clear Strategic Capacities

A media agency should not only be viewed as a way to consolidate and maximize media efficiencies but also as a strategic partner for guiding your placement strategy and recommending ways of reaching your brand requirements and business objectives. This is where the synergies of IMS’s dominant size, media buying power and media evaluation tools come into play with our agency having an in-depth knowledge of the current media market in Cambodia as well as predicting trends for the growth of particular mediums and channels. With this knowledge we are able to offer clients key strategic advice for the long term growth, development and positioning of their brand against key competitors.

5. Well-Balanced International and Local Workforce

In Cambodia a media agency needs to be able to offer the best of both worlds with local knowledge and international expertise. There is no point being a font of local insights without being able to offer international standard media executions. This is why IMS’s 70+ workforce is made up of a mix of both local experts in their fields as well as international media and advertising specialists with decades of experience handling regional and global brands. We employ the highest caliber Cambodian, European, Southeast Asian and Chinese nationals as part of our core servicing team who offer both a high degree of professionalism and media specialization that provides IMS with a leading edge when it comes to media placement.

Applying the Five Factors to find a Great Partner

With these five factors you should be able to measure and compare the potential of any media agency in Cambodia to find out how suitable they are when it comes to being your brand guardians in the media market.

These days it is easy to be blinded by flashy presentations and big promises but with media buying everything has to come back to hard data related to the size, media buying power, media evaluation tools, strategic capacity and the international and local workforce of a media agency in Cambodia.

For advice on allocating your media budget more effectively contact us at the following page: http://imsgroups.biz/contact/ 

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