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02 Jan

Cambodian Advertising Predictions for 2017

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Cambodian Advertising Agency Predictions for 2017


Cambodia remains a uniquely interesting country when it comes to its media and advertising market. Though the market is rapidly going through a move towards digital media and marketing Cambodians are still showing great favour to traditional mediums like TV in ways that cannot be downplayed. Based on a combination of research data, media insights and market knowledge from IMS Consulting Group’s strong and ongoing presence in Cambodian media and advertising we are making the following predictions about the status of the country’s advertising market in 2017:


1. TV Continues as King

With 18 TV channels broadcast in Cambodia it is clear the local population still prefers to digest their media via television. This takes place in both urban and rural areas although the viewers in the countryside certainly contribute massively to TV continuing as King of Media in Cambodia. In urban areas where LTE internet and high spec mobile phones are prevalent most leading TV stations focus heavily on their social media presence so as to capture the important youth and middleclass demographics.


2. Digital Developments

Facebook is still the Internet for most Khmers but Google properties such as YouTube and Gmail are highly regarded while newer social media platforms and messaging apps such as Instagram, Bigo Live, WhatsApp, Line and WeChat are making a play for their share of the market. However, until the leading telecoms further expand their 4G LTE network coverage this will continue to be more important relating to urban consumers rather than those in rural areas.


3. Supercheap Smartphones

The launch of the VoLTE telecom operator Seatel has seen a considerable expansion in the quality and value of low cost 4G smartphones available for Cambodians to purchase for less than $50 which is opening up the potential for a much larger digitally connected consumer base. Other operators are also offering lower costs for a variety of Chinese branded smartphones that offer decent quality and fast connections.


4. Print Media Lives On via Cross Platform Publishing

Newspapers and Magazines that wish to compete in the current market for both readers and advertisers are increasingly required to operate as Cross Platform Publishers with Print, Online and Social properties that can maintain their reputations as leading media publications.


5. Radio Solidifies as Provincial Medium

Radio remains a very popular medium in provincial areas with broadcasters having invested significantly in reaching local audiences with fresh content, updated news and popular music shows. Advertisers have seen the cost benefits of the relatively low cost media buys possible with radio as well as the targeted nature of provincial radio broadcasts.


6. Out Of Home Overclutter

Of all mediums, Out Of Home has grown in certain cities to be all enveloping with everything in view being branded. On some streets, you are lucky if you can find a single area that hasn’t been branded or advertised on from shop branding to street signage to vehicle wraps not to mention the number of billboards and LED panels prominent in high traffic areas. The greater the volume of OOH grows, the less effective it will prove to be.


7. Genuine Relationships Still Key to Market Success

For brand owners and advertisers what has stayed the same is the importance of establishing genuine relationships with advertising agencies and partners in order to achieve their market objectives. Clients who value agencies based on the quality of their insights, effective strategies and media placements are more likely to gain greater returns than those who simply focus on lowest cost. After all, great products needs great partners who can convincingly introduce them to satisfied consumers over the long term and not just short term, no value middlemen. The best relationships are ones that profit both parties while pushing each to excel in their respective fields of expertise!

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